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C4CM's comprehensive Training Resources are designed to offer your organziation the information it needs - when it needs it! Our convenient, easy-to-use resources keep you and your team fully trained on all the issues facing professionals today. With our Training Resources in your library, you can ensure everyone, new hires and long-term employees, have the information they need to succeed.


Learn the dos and don’ts of origination credits and cross-selling legal services with this must-read guide.

Learn how to effectively manage workplace gossip with this C4CM guide on handling and minimizing toxic talk.





Easy. Get fingertip access to the most current issues, news and regulations facing your industry today. 

Convenient. All the training you need is one complete invaluable resource.

In-Depth.  C4CM Training Resources are the most complete, up-to-date reference tools available.

For Everyone. You can use C4CM Training Resources on your own, or to train your entire team.

Economical. C4CM Training Resources give you money-saving tactics you can start using immediately.

Guaranteed. C4CM Training Resources are guaranteed to be timely and beneficial for attendees.


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Center For Competitive Management is a company that leads the industry in training Business Professionals via interactive seminars that offer Human Resources (HR) development information to help managers' decision making process. Center For Competitive Management (C4CM) is a key factor in keeping the managers and other business professionals for your business organization on top of industry challenges through interactive HR training to perform job performance and free to improve their career and team management skills. Educational business seminars offered via audio conferences and Training Resources. C4CM also offers audio conference or "audioconference", Teleconference, Teleseminar, Business Training, Distance learning, Remote learning, Business Conference and Management Training Seminar. Looking to improve your Management Skills or Business skills? Want to increase your Business intelligence? Try one of our Audio Seminars. The Center For Competitive Management offers b2b or "Business to Business" Business Education for such business realted problems and challenges as Regulatory Compliance, Management Strategy, Compensation Benefits, 401K Administrators, Safety, Sexual Harassment Education, Security. Our Business Training is perfect for Managers of Law Firms, CPA Firms, Design Company, Lab Management, Accounts Payable, Corporate Finance, Credit, Event Coordinators, Wedding Planners, Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Appraisers, Home Inspectors, Mortgage Broker, Property Management, Female Executives, Financial Advisor Planner, Librarian Archivist, Public School Administration, School Superintendent, Public Investor Relations, Capital Markets, Hedge Funds, Fund Of Funds, Private Equity, Private Banking, Endowment Foundation Pension Funds, Business Communication, Waste Management, Energy Officials as well as Museum Professionals. C4CM is a provider of Professional development information and training for business professionals. Up to the minute information, delivered in an immediate interactive method, to keep professionals current on the challenges in their industry, to perform their jobs better on a daily basis, and manage their careers and their teams. C4CM offers audioconferences, Training Resources and conferences. Audio conferences allow attendees to participate from wherever they are – home, office, car, conference room with entire team – for one low price. By attending an audio conference, participants receive practical information they can put to use immediately, with no time out of the office for travel, and in a very cost-effective manner. Business Training or Management Training offered through Training Resources allow vendors to reach potential customers through an educational medium.